Iar legi de pe la ei…

Am gasit niste legi haioase, legi ce inca sunt actuale aici pe la noi. Pot sa zic pe la noi, doar mi-am depus dosarul de cetatenie, da? Stiind ca toate legile de pe aici si de la vecinii nostrii mai instariti, se nasc in baza unor intamplari reale…sa vedem ce le-a trecut prin cap canadienilor:

1. Quebec law states that all business signs must be in French. If the owner wants English on the sign then the French print has to be twice as large as the English print. – nu, ca nu sunt rasisti…dar asa e legea

2. In London, Ontario it is against the city by-law to allow your grass in your front yard to grow any taller then a inch and a half. If you do, the city will come by and cut it for you then give you a fine for $200.

3. No one in Canada is allowed by Canadian law to watch or listen to encrypted broadcast which is not licensed by the Canadian Government. – ceea ce inseamna ca este ilegal sa folosesti sisteme satelit cum ar fi „direct tv” de la vecinii nostrii; adica eu si inca 30-35% din montrealezi incalcam legea ca avem „ligheane” pe balcon.

4. Did you know that Canadian law states that every 5th song on the radio must be by a Canadian born citizen?

5. It is illegal anywhere in Canada to pay for a 26 cent item in all pennies. The limit is 25 cents. If you are paying for your item in nickels, then its illegal to pay for it in nickels if its over $5. Its also illegal to pay for something over $10 dollars in all dimes. – adica chiar daca ai o roaba de monezi si vrei sa faci misto’ de administrator cand te duci sa-i platesti intretinerea chiria, nu prea poti.

5. If you are released from prison, it is required that you are given a handgun with bullets and a horse, so you can ride out of town. – 😀 inca este activa legea asta, mi-ar fi placut sa fie operationala si in romanica, banuiesc ca pana acum base si ai lui erau de mult oale si ulcele.

6. You can’t work on your car in the street. – carevasica daca Ing. Adomnitei era p’aici…nu prea mai lucra el la Gordini-urile alea ale lui 😀

7. Citizens may not relieve themselves or spit on the street. Punishable by a fine of over 100 Canadian dollars. – adicatelea, fiecare scuipat te costa 100$; si te mai intrebi de ce au astia bani pentru sigurari sociale

8. The Queen Elizabeth Hotel must feed your horse freely when you rent a room. – deci daca ti-ai luat camera la Queen Elizbet’, stai fara griji, caii ati sunt hraniti moca. 😀


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